Live Fruit Bat Cam

A colony of wild Egyptian Fruit Bats located in Tel Aviv University. These bats are free to come and go as they please.



Acoustic bat-like robot

Itamar's fully acoustic bat-like robot navigating through a novel environment



Trident Bat (Asellia tridens)

A colony of Trident bats,  mothers and pups, in their roost in an abandoned military bunker.

(video: Eran Amichai)



Greater Mouse tailed Bat (Rhinopoma microphyllum)

A colony of male greater mouse tailed bats in a cave opening.

(video: Eran Amichai)



Greater Mouse tailed Bat (Rhinopoma microphyllum) emerging from a cave

Female greater Mouse tailed Bats emerging from a cave at dusk.

(video: Eran Amichai)



Landing Egyptian fruit Bats

Egyptian fruit bats exhibiting 180 degree elevation maneuvers during takeoff and landing.


Kuhl's pipistrelle (pipistrellus kuhlii)

seen through a thermal camera.



Fruit bat eating a cockroach

An Egyptian fruit bat eating a cockroach in the fruit bowl of the colony.



Bats are not rats (but that doesn't mean they can't all get along)

One of the bats returning to the colony encountered a rat and didn't know what to do about it



This is how bats pee




Egyptian fruit bat eating in the food bowl

A lazy fruit bat decided to hang inside the fruit bowl while eating



Fruit bats drinking mango juice

The bats in the imprinted colony enjoy a  daily treat of mango juice



Dot cloud swarm

How we constructed virtual insect swarms



Changing spectrum

How echoes would change over time when ensonifying a 'live' swarm of moving mosquitoes