Adopt a bat

The bats in our unique free bat colony roost in an artificial cave and are free to leave it and fly into the wild whenever they feel like it. We then follow their natural behavior outdoors using miniature GPS and microphone sensors as well as other tracking devices developed in the lab.

Adopting a bat is a great way of supporting the residents of the bat lab colony and the students studying them. When you adopt a bat, you are personally helping to fund their feeding, enrichment and to fund students who are studying these bats' behavior and conservation.

When donating 100$ or more, you will be entitled to choose a specific bat to adopt (from the list below). You will receive periodic updates about the colony and the lab.



Colony bat GPS map

We are able to track our bats, once they leave the imprinted colony, with miniature GPS devices. This is an example of the flight trajectories of one of our colony bats. Check out the map and explore the different locations our bat visited during his expedition.




Poseidon, is by far the most charismatic of 9-orphaned bats (the fab 9 crew) we took under our wing in the summer of 2015. He was born early September 2015 and although smallest in posture he makes up for it with a perfect combination of feistiness and playfulness. You just can’t help but loving him.





Guri was found orphaned and joined our captive colony at the age of 4 weeks in March 2012. His out going and mischievous character was apparent from the get go. Shortly after our imprinted colony was formed in October of 2014 he joined it and became an integral part of the colony, leaving every night to forage freely outdoors and returning continuously since November 2014.





Oliver is the first of the 9-orphaned bats (the fab 9 crew) we took under our wing in the summer of 2015. He is a funny little daydreamer with a bad habit of landing on other bats heads then getting startled when they give him a shout. Super silly but we love him for it. 





Seven the vampire fruit bat is just the cutest! she was born on the 27.03.2013 with elongated fangs making her look super silly when trying to drink her mango juice. Like Sue she was pretty hesitant about leaving the colony but is learning to enjoy nature more and more every day.





Moe is the youngest colony member, born mid September 2015, making his first flight attempt earlier than expected at the age of only 3 weeks! He is an extremely shy little man still very attached to his mother Moesha, constantly torn between playing with the older pups and cuddling with his mother.





Flower the skunk is also one of the 9-orphaned bats (the fab 9 crew) we took under our wing in the summer of 2015. She is a massive huger looking for any opportunity to snuggle up to one of her 8 adopted siblings. She has gotten really good at maneuvering around the colony but hasn’t yet found the courage to fly solo outdoors, but no worries we have full confidence she will soon be a top notch pilot soon enough.





Yans is a 6 month old little dare devil born in early August 2014. He loves getting in to trouble often returning from his adventures with cuts and bruises but he never lets it keep him down. He and Vinny grew up as besties but today have grown apart.





Vinny the runaway bat was added to the colony at the age of 5 month in late November 2014 and left the same night. She came back after 30 nights and has been returning every night since usually just for casual visits. She most definitely flies to the beat of her own drums.





Itay is a desert long-eared bat that was found wounded on a school playground and was rescued. He was brought to our lab weak and skinny and had to go through intensive rehabilitation. Today, he is a handsome little chubby fellow. He could not recover flight abilities, but that doesn’t seem to bother him since sleeping is his favorite hobby in the whole world




Halfred arrived at the Lab at the age of 6 month on the 15th of May 2014. He is a very outgoing and friendly bat. Shortly after leaving the colony for the first time in late November of 2014  Halfred found new friends in the wild and has been dividing his time between the two colonies.




Kuki was born on the 23.6.14. She mostly keeps to herself except when it comes to Willow. Even though the enthusiasm isn't mutual she follows her relentlessly around the colony.



Luck and Rob

Luck and Rob are two European free-tailed bats that were rescued as juveniles from an abandoned house in the south of Israel during Protective Edge operation. They were found dehydrated and hungry and recovered nicely in the lab, although they never gained proper flight abilities and could not be returned to the wild. Luck (from the left) is very communicative, making sure everybody knows he’s around. He just loves feeding time, eating as fast as he can and asking for more. Rob (from the right) is the shy one, he likes to hide and always prefers company over staying alone




O'Sullivan is the girly girl of the fab 9 crew, she is on the younger side of the bunch, born in mid September of 2015. She has a massive crush on Oliver constantly following him around the colony. Although he pretends it’s annoying we know he secretly loves her back, you can always find them huddled up together at the end of the night. 




Thia was born early September 2015 and is also a member of the fab 9 crew. She is a bit of a loner, often found sitting in the entrance of the colony looking out the window. She hasn’t yet dared to explore the great outdoors, but we have a feeling that she will has a whole lot of outdoor adventures awaiting her. Can’t wait to see what she will get up to! 




Yanush another member of the fab 9 crew, was born early September 2015. He is a massive heartbreaker, always trying to hang with the older bats and never succeeding. Gotta appreciate his determination though!