• Bio-inspired robotics and development of miniature sensors,
    with Gabor Kosa, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University. (Open link)

  • Control theory in biology, modeling sensorimotor integration,
    with Nadav Bar, Trondheim Norwegian University of Science and Technology. (Open link)

  • MRI and the evolution of the bat brain,
    with Yaniv Assaf, Department of Neurobiology, Tel-Aviv University. (Open link)

  • Bat Bio-sonar, beam forming and signal design,
    with Anthony Weiss, School of Electrical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University. (Open link)

  • Mathematical modeling of foraging behavior in bats,
    with Amos Korman, University Paris Diderot. (Open link)

  • Multimodal sensing for navigation,
    with Cynthia Moss, Johns Hopkins University, (Open link)
    with Rachel Page, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, (Open link)
    with Annemarie Surlykke, University of Southern Denmark, (Open link)
    with John Hallam, University of Southern Denmark.  (Open link)

  • Bat navigation,
    with Nachum Ulanovsky, Weizmann Institute of Science.  (Open link)